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Otan o Wagner Sinantise tis Ntomates

When Tomatoes Met Wagner

SEMINCI | Año: 2018 | País: Greece

Otan o Wagner Sinantise  tis Ntomates Trailer


Two resourceful cousins, with the help of grandmothers’ wisdom and the enthusiasm of the inhabitants of an isolated Greek village, manage to lift the spirits and the economy locally by exporting small jars with organic tomatoes preserved with an unorthodox method … An endearing story about the power of human relationships. The two protagonists have discovered the secret to make tomatoes taste better: Wagner. Challenging industrial agriculture and growing organic tomatoes with centenary seeds, they sell around the world tomatoes that are sensitive to music. The return of the two cousins and the unexpected success, have taken the whole village by surprise and now thanks to the tomatoes, they’ve seen how the crisis that hit Greece and this area in particular has evaporated. A lesson on how to reinvent oneself in times of crisis.


Friday 25: Broadway Cinemas, room 5, 10:00 p.m.