TIME OF HISTORY - Feature film


SEMINCI | Año: 2018 | País: Argentina / Chile

Silvia Trailer


Three Argentinian sisters grew up in wealth and splendour, but a dark cloud loomed over their family. Using old home videos and their own memories, they try to piece together the great drama in their mother’s life. Part documentary, part re-cut, the pieces of the past are accentuated, blurred, frozen, and played backward until the family chronicle becomes a universal drama, raising questions about memory, truth, illusions and appearances, as well as the nature of parent-child relationships.

El/la director/a

María Silvia Esteve is an argentine filmmaker, born in Guatemala, who studied and taught film at the University of Buenos Aires. She has worked both for film and television, and has written and directed short films selected in different festivals.
Her debut feature documentary Silvia was selected for BAL (BAFICI), and the DocMontevideo Rough Cut Lab, received the Postproduction Coral Award at Habana Film Festival, and won as Best Project in various Labs, such as DocLisboa Arché. Silvia had its World Premiere at IDFA\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s First Appearance Competition, won the Artistic Vision Award at Docaviv\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Depth of Field Competition, and and was at numerous film festivals. Selected for The Biennale of Young Art Buenos Aires, the director participated of IDFAcademy, GenderLab MICGénero, and was part of IDFA Summer School, with her new project in development Mailin.


Thursday 24: Cervantes Theater, 9.45 pm
Friday 25:
Broadway Cinemas, room 9, 11.45 am