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The Journey of Javier Heraud

El viaje de Javier Heraud

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Peru / Spain

The Journey of Javier Heraud Trailer


Ariarca, the grandniece of Peruvian poet Javier Heraud, unearths old memories and discovers a story yet untold: her great uncle, a poet and a guerrilla member, was murdered at the age of 21 in the Peruvian selva in 1063. Ariarca, who is in fact the same age as he was when he died, strives to reconstruct, thanks to Heraud’s letters and poems, the life journey of one of Peru’s most important poets. Javier Heraud wrote his poetic work between the ages of 18 and 21. Those poems, as well as the correspondence preserved by his family and friends, gradually disclose a story which his relatives painfully cherish in their memory. 

El/la director/a

Born in Lima (Peru) in 1967, he graduated from the School of Audiovisual Media at Madrid’s Universidad Complutense. His first feature-length film, The Back of the World, won the International Critics’ Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival (2000) and the OCIC Prize at Havana’s New Latin American Film Festival. He has also directed the documentary features The Guerrilla of Memory (2002) , Winter in Baghdad  (2005) and I’m Still (2013), as well as the segment La voz de las piedras within the documentary omnibus film called Invisibles (Goya Award, 2008). He is moreover the founder and director of the Sahara International Film Festival.


Tuesday 22: Broadway Cinemas, room 5, 7:15 pm
Saturday 26:
Cervantes Theater, 10:00 pm