TIME OF HISTORY - Feature film

Lagun y la resistencia frente a ETA

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Spain

Lagun y la resistencia frente a ETA


The history of the Lagun bookstore in San Sebastian is a demonstration of democratic values and the struggle for freedom. Since its foundation in 1968 by María Teresa Castells, José Ramón Rekalde and Ignacio Latierro, the bookstore became the target of Franco’s repression. Once democracy was established in Spain, continuous aggressions, including an arson attack, that sought to silence that oasis of freedom were performed by ETA and its circles. But the people who ran Lagun were not alone. Many men and women in the Basque Country, members of the civil society, stood up against the terrorists. This film aims to be a tribute to those who always defended freedom and never gave in to violence, even when their lives were endangered.

El/la director/a

earned her the Madrid Community Award. Next she shot a number of shorts like Todo está en tu mano (2007), produced by Eva Longoria, or Un lugar donde ser feliz (2017), starring Javier Gutiérrez. She subsequently created and directed advertising campaigns against gender violence and TV commercials before making a six-chapter documentary miniseries about Camarón de la Isla in 2017 involving Netflix’s participation. In 2019, she directed Lagun y la resistencia contra ETA, and the documentary No sin ti, still pending release.


Wednesday 23: Cervantes Theater, 9:45 pm
Saturday 26:
Cervantes Theater, 11:30 am