MINIMINCI - Feature film

Le Vent dans les roseaux

The Wind in the Reeds

SEMINCI | Año: 2017 | País: France/Belgium/Switzerland

Le Vent dans les roseaux Trailer


The Cinema Owl tells the children five adventure tales about freedom including original music scores, amazing heroines and an extraordinary graphic quality. The funny girl who wants to play knights in ‘Daisies and Dragon’, the tender friendship between a princess and a female dragon in ‘Dragon Hunt’, the beauty of the stars in ‘The Little Girl and the Night’, the story of the fantastic animal who longs to be free in ‘The Unicorn’ and the struggle for freedom from tyranny in ‘The Wind in the Reeds’ make up this short film programme that constitutes a song for freedom.


Wednesday 23: Cervantes Theater, 11.30 am
Thursday 24: Cervantes Theater, 11.30 am