GEORGIA CYCLE - Feature film


SEMINCI | Año: 2017 | País: Georgia / Lithuania

Namme Trailer


Ali’s family has inherited a mission —taking care of a local healing water and treating sick fellow villagers with it. Three sons are sceptical about the water, while only the young daughter Namme stays as the guardian of family traditions. The village has a mixed Muslim and Christian heritage. Namme meets Merab. Closeness and sympathy is developing between them. A hydro power station is being constructed locally, which might be the cause of environmental changes. One day the spring water starts to disappear. Father remembers the old tradition, according to which the water will not return unless the sacrifice is made...


Tuesday 22: Broadway Cinemas, room 9, 10.00 p.m
Wednesday 23: Broadway Cinemas, room 9, 7.15 p.m