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The Price of Progress

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Spain

The Price of Progress Trailer


The alarms of global warming and overpopulation set the context for the debate about which model of food production we will choose for the future. In this sense, The price of Progress explores the web of intrigues, emotions, fears, political pressures and arguments embedded in the discourse of some of the main spokesmen of European-based food corporations, lobbyists, politicians, respected scientists, experts and investigative journalists specialized in this sector. What is at stake in the food industry? Power, money or health?

El/la director/a

He was born in Zaragoza in 1973. He studied Fine Arts, History and Anthropology in Spain and began his audiovisual work at the beginning of 2005. Professionally he has worked as a photojournalist in Latin America, Cambodia, Madagascar and Spain. He has been the editor of Contacto Photo, the Spanish subsidiary of Magnum, Seven or AFP. The Price of Progress is his first film: a documentary that somehow summarises his professional experience from all these years as a journalist, a photographer and a filmmaker.


Monday 21: Broadway Cinemas, room 10, 12.00 pm
Friday 25: Broadway Cinemas, room 10, 7.30 pm