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La loba parda

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Spain

La loba parda Trailer


«One day I remembered that my grandad Valentín used to collect his old herdbells. Their sound digs out the trail of time, the memories of transhumance and of life itself in a cinematic journey. The film portrays the last nomadic sheep herders in Soria’s highlands returning every winter to the fertile pastures down south. The Pérez brothers travel across age-old landscapes and as they do so they compose the soundtrack of their journey. Echoes from popular ballads and tales told by the fire by my granddad Virgilio. La loba parda is a journey along the paths of remembrance: drifting, shifting along the road…». Cristina Ortega Blanco. 

El/la director/a

She was born in Berlanga de Duero (Soria, Spain) in 1985 and studied Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca. She has directed short films such as Quilombo (2011), produced by the NGO Contato in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and selected in several Brazilian festivals El Vítor (2013), which was screened at festivals likes Cinemística and at the Rekalde Hall in Bilbao; Como es arriba es abajo (2015), shot in Barcelona with Abbas Kiarostami; or Trouville sur mare (2017), made at the Trouville Off Courts Short Film Festival, Kino Cabaret. In 2016 she premiered her first documentary feature, Los sonidos de la soledad in the Official Section of the Alcances Festival. La loba parda is her second feature-length film.


Tuesday 22: Broadway Cinemas, room 10, 7.30 pm 
Saturday 26: Broadway Cinemas, room 10, 10.15 pm