DOC. SPAIN - Feature film

La española, la de Torres

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Spain

La española, la de Torres


A documentary that tells the story of the unknown inventor of the modern classical guitar, Antonio de Torres Jurado. He was a carpenter born in Almeria in 1817 who achieved universal fame in the mid-nineteenth century in Seville after modifying the guitar construction system for national guitar schools around the world and perpetuating it to this day. Through various interviews with experts from around the world, both in the field of music in general and in the guitar in particular, we discover that his biography is surrounded by mystery, difficulties, genius and art.

El/la director/a

In the course of several years dedicated to co-directing short films, this couple of first cousins have authored titles like Bienvenido a la ciudad, Keep Calm & Just Married or No te sorprendas, which were selected at festivals such as Almería, Málaga or Porto. At the end of 2016 they started a new audiovisual project in order to pay a small tribute to their famous great-great grandfather, Antonio de Torres Jurado, the inventor of the modern classical guitar. What began as a humble short film to honour their ancestor, eventually became a documentary feature, thanks to the selfless help of many people who volunteered to collaborate in order to give this illustrious carpenter from Almería who changed the history of the guitar the recognition he deserves.


Wednesday 23: Broadway Cinemas, room 10, 7.30 pm 
Friday 25: Broadway Cinemas, room 10, 5.15 pm