MINIMINCI - Feature film


SEMINCI | Año: 2018 | País: Spain

Azahar Trailer


When the century-old disputes between Christians and Arabs come to an end in the Iberian Peninsula, Azahar, a lively and intelligent Arab girl, is given the map that indicates the location of an ancient treasure. It is then that she meets Jaime: a Christian child with a big heart but no head who joins her in her adventurous journey. During the expedition, the children will meet all kinds of picturesque characters and will have to overcome numerous setbacks and escape the perverse schemes of their persecutors, who test their courage and ingenuity, until they reach the very entrails of the red fortress: The Alhambra.


Tuesday 22: Miguel Delibes Auditorium, 9.30 am and 11.30 a.m.