GEORGIA CYCLE - Feature film

Skhvisi sakhli

House of Others

SEMINCI | Año: 2016 | País: Georgia / Russia / Spain / Croatia

Skhvisi sakhli Trailer


Georgia, the 90s. Two families have physically survived a short but devastating war in the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia. Those who managed to escape and now find themselves on the winning side are assigned houses previously occupied by the enemy. In the strange environment of other people’s homes, with lingering memories of the horrors experienced by the original occupants, many of these new arrivals try to start afresh. But they prove unable to build a new life in peace: war continues in everyday life because the battles still rage within them...


Tuesday 22: Broadway Cinemas, room 11, 10.15 pm
Saturday 26:
Broadway Cinemas, room 11, 7:45 pm