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Endless Cinema

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Spain

Endless Cinema Trailer


An approach to the viewpoints of several film directors who tell us about their work and their views on the film image, the cinema and TV sector, the institutions involved, the legal framework, the audiences, the industry’s future... Authorized voices and objective facts weave a complex and at the same time necessary discourse for us to understand today’s audiovisual scene. Through their comments and their experience we gain an insight into their world: one which also affects us all. We learn about the weak points and contradictions of a sector immersed in a process of redefinition. Adapting to a paradigm shift involves many structural changes and demands the ability to undergo quick transformations if the sector is to continue existing.

El/la director/a

PhD in Information Sciences from the UCM and lecturer in the Master’s programme in Media Scriptwriting at the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR). She began her career as a screenwriter in 2008 and as a short filmmaker in 2010, with Un día cualquiera and Un tango con Norma, whose script was a finalist in the Nisi-Masa European Screenplay Contest. In 2013 the Endless Cinema project began to take shape. It involved her shooting in three different countries and in more than a dozen cities. She currently combines teaching and film writing with collaborations in El Huff Post, Telemadrid, Canal 24 horas and La 2 in TVE.


Friday 25: Broadway Cinemas, room 10, 10.15 pm
Saturday 26: Broadway Cinemas, room 10, 12.00 pm