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Cuba crea

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Spain

Cuba crea Trailer


How come a small Caribbean island managed to be much larger than its geography? Since the arrival of Christopher Columbus, Cuba has provided inspiration for those who feel drawn towards a country that has become an inexhaustible source of stories. The challenge was to bring together, for the first time, Cuba’s main creators in a documentary; to tour the island from east to west and tell it through their voices and in the first person. ‘Cuba crea’ is a tribute to a universal people endowed with boundless talent.

El/la director/a

He was born in Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid) in 1967. Since 2002 he has worked as photo editor for news agency Ical. On two occasions (1998 and 2014) he received the Francisco de Cossío Award for journalism. His photographic work has been exhibited in cities like Havana, Miami, Bogota, Lisbon or Sao Paulo, among others. In the audiovisual media, he began his career in 1995 when he directed the short film Humilladero, which was followed by the documentary feature ‘Almas del Camino’ (2010). That same year he began filming a trilogy of documentaries on emigration to Latin America in the twentieth century : Partir, Volver (2011), and Live (still pending production), respectively shot in Cuba, Argentina and Mexico In 2014 he presented 24 at the Valladolid Festival, and two years later the same festival screened the film Cuando Zorrilla fue Twickenham (which he co-directed with Enrique Bueno).


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