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Kreditis limiti

Line of Credit

SEMINCI | Año: 2014 | País: Georgia / France / Germany

Kreditis limiti Trailer


Nino, a woman in her 40s who used to lead a comfortable life in Soviet Georgia, finds it hard to keep up with the changes in modern democratic Georgia while she tries to preserve her former lifestyle. She resolves to follow the wide-spread practice of getting a mortgage loan at high interest. Now transformed into a loan shark victim, she gets deeper into debts and enters a vicious circle she cannot escape. Nino’s story is one among those of 172,300 families who lost their homes as a result of mortgage loans in 2009-2013. The number of evicted households amounts to 14% of Georgia’s population.


Saturday 19: Broadway Cinemas, room 11, 16.30 p.m
Sunday 20: Broadway Cinemas, room 11, 20.30 p.m