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Els dies que vindran

The Days to Come

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Spain

Els dies que vindran Trailer


Vir (30) and Lluís (32) just found out that ‘they are pregnant’, but it was unplanned and they’ve been only going out for a year. During the next 9 months, we follow the adventure of this couple from Barcelona and the huge turn their lives take: their fears, joys, expectations and reality —all of which grow in front of them as their pregnancy unfolds. Shot in the course of the leading couple’s real-life pregnancy, ‘The Days to Come’ is a thorough portrait of the process by which a couple must learn to become three when they haven’t yet mastered being two.  The film explores the difficulties involved in sharing with the other person this deeply transforming experience.


Monday 21: Broadway Cinemas, room 4, 7:15 p.m.