GEORGIA CYCLE - Feature film

Marilivit tetri

Salt White

SEMINCI | Año: 2011 | País: Georgia

Marilivit tetri Trailer


Post-Soviet Georgia in the beginning of the 21st century. Nana, 35, a single woman, works as a seasonal worker at a Black Sea coastal resort. Nana saves her income dreaming to purchase a small café in her hometown. She occasionally meets patrol officer Niko, a refugee from Abkhazia. Niko takes care of his old parents who are living at a hotel with others refugees. The father looks after the amnesic mother, who isn’t able to recognize even her own son. Nana’s and Niko’s closed world is disrupted by the homeless child Sopo. She points them to a new path —a path of hope. Only Nana is able to follow it.


Monday 21: Broadway Cinemas, room 11, 5.00 pm
Wednesday 23: Broadway Cinemas, room 11, 7.30 pm