GEORGIA CYCLE - Feature film

Chemi Bebia

My grandmother

SEMINCI | Año: 1929 | País: Georgia

Chemi Bebia Trailer


The executives of the TORK trust laze about all day. The business manager, who commits suicide when a typist refuses his love, is replaced by another man. When a worker appears at the offices the executives and staff are temporarily shaken out of their torpor, but all they produce is a new sheaf of papers, signed and countersigned —no money. In a rage, the worker’s inspection singles out the new business manager as a scapegoat, and he is fired as well as lampooned in a newspaper caricature. With a wife and daughter to support, the ex-business manager is desperate to get his job back, and he considers suicide. Finally, he learns that the way back into the job market depends on getting a letter of recommendation from a ‘grandmother’.


Thursday 24: Calderón Theater, 8.30 pm (Projection with live music from Reso Kiknadze Trio)