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Out in the Open


SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Spain / Portugal

Out in the Open Trailer


A young boy who is running away from his village can hear the shouting of the men who are chasing him. Ahead of him lies an endless, arid plain that he will have to cross if he wants to escape for ever from the hell he is fleeing. When his pursuers, hired by the village foreman, are close on his heels, the boy comes upon a goatherd who offers him protection. From then on, nothing will be the same for either of them. The film is the screen adaptation of the homonymous novel by Jesús Carrasco.

El/la director/a

Born in 1965 in Lebrija (Seville), Benito Zambrano studied Drama in Seville before becoming a stage director, but ended up working for television as a photographer and cameraman. He graduated from the International Film and TV School at San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba), and in 1999 he directed his feature debut Solas, awarded five Goyas and a Silver Ariel as well as a number of prizes at festivals like Berlin, Brussels or Tokyo among others. In 2002 he directed the miniseries Padre coraje, and his second feature, Havana Blues (2005), earned him two Goya awards. 2011 saw the release of The Sleeping Voice, which harvested some other three Goyas. Since then he has directed the short films Bombería (2014) and The Beginning (2016), and is currently preparing his documentary feature Caballos locos.


Saturday 19: Teatro Carrión, 11.30 hours (Press preference pass) / Calderón Theater (Opening Gala), 19 hours / Carrión, 20.30 hours 
Sunday 20: Carrión Theater, 22.30