MEETING POINT - Feature film


The Elder One

SEMINCI | Año: 2018 | País: India

Moothon Trailer


Stealing a small and hardly seaworthy fishing boat, 14-year-old Mulla flees the sleepy, idyllic island of Lakshadweep for the crowded bustle of Mumbai. Akbar, Mulla’s elder brother, left for the city some years before, and Mulla —with only a phone number to rely on— is convinced the two can reunite there. But upon arrival, Mulla immediately falls in with a gang of criminal orphans, receiving a crash course in urban survival skills that would terrify Oliver Twist.

El/la director/a

Geetu Mohandas began her career in film with just four years, when she played in five films as a child actress. After training in India, Malaysia and Canada, and completing an international baccalaureate, she studied Literary Composition in Toronto. As an actress she has starred in forty feature films in three different languages of India. She founded the production house Unplugged, and produced her directorial debut short film, Are You Listening?, which was selected for participation in the Meeting Point section of the 55th edition of 55 Seminci. Her first feature Liars Dice (2013) received the Hubert Bals Fund for script and project development. Her second feature, The Elder One is mentored by the Sundance Film Lab.


Wednesday 23: Cervantes Theater, 4.30 pm
Friday 25: Zorrilla Theater, 11.30 am