MEETING POINT - Feature film

36 Hours

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Argentina

36 Hours


Pedro is caught up in a divorce that he cannot solve, and trapped in a whirlpool of debts in the midst of the Argentine economic crisis. The day before his six-year-old daughter’s birthday, he receives an ultimatum to return the money he owes to a lender. He is now cornered by his beliefs and by the system. Time is running out. Transforming mentalities about gender equality is still a pending task in Argentine society. 36 horas explores issues that are intrinsic to people’s behaviour in order to expose them and bring about the necessary changes.

El/la director/a

Néstor Mazzini studied Film at IDAC (Avellaneda Film Institute) under the supervision of Rodolfo Hermida, Drama with Mauricio Kartún, Screenwriting with Pablo Solarz and Stage Direction with Rubén Szuchmacher. He has worked for several television networks and production companies. Since 2009 he has served as director, producer and screenwriter in Banda / Aparte ~ Film & Motion, where he has made more than twenty series for Canal Encuentro, Pakapaka and TV Pública. In 2012 he completed his first feature film, Que lo pague la noche, which screened at the Mar del Plata, Providence and Bangkok festivals. 36 horas is his second feature.


Monday 21: Cervantes Theater, 9:45 pm
Saturday 26:
Zorrilla Theater, 7 pm