In The Return, Malene Choi digs into her own roots

Malene Choi, director of ‘The Return’

10/25/2018.- On Thursday, October 25, the Meeting Point section programmed the feature film The Return, by the Korean-Danish director Malene Choi, in which she tells the story of two adopted young Danes of Korean origin who are returning for the first time to the country where they were born. Karoline and Thomas find themselves face to face with the spirit of their homeland and with the personal experiences of other adoptees they meet in Seoul.

The director, Malene Choi, came to Valladolid to talk to the festival’s audience about her first experience as a director: “We recorded everything in 15 days and with the budget of a documentary”. “The story is born from a personal experience, I made this trip myself, Denmark-Korea […] I had the idea and when I looked for the cast I felt limited in Denmark, so I ended up working with some actors, but above all real characters that have volunteered for my work,” added Malene Choi in order to explain why there were so many aspects of a documentary in her feature film.

She also noted that one of the problems when shooting was that “having very little time, the whole crew went everywhere in a van and above all we had a script, a very fixed narrative line, to be able to have the locations prepared and to be able to quickly record fixed scenes, but also some improvised scene”. Finally, she revealed that for her “the story is very reflective and personal”. “We play a lot with colors, music… to make it a very sensitive film.”

Totul e Foarte Departe

Before the screening of the documentary film, the screening of the short film Totul e Foarte Departe took place, which was attended by the director, Emanuel Parvu. “We have all experienced something like this once; of course, fortunately, we have probably not experienced this extreme, but something similar,” he said.

He also explained why it was so interesting for him to approach this topic: “I still have not experienced, I do not know yet what love in a couple is like, but from what I gradually learned and observed, I know that love can consist in constant displays of affection or in hiding information that can cause bigger damage”.

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