«In the darkest darkness there is always a ray of light»

The Mexican filmmaker’s debut feature participates in the Meeting Point section

10/24/2017. – Director José Ramón Chávez presented his first feature film Ayúdame a pasar el noche (Help Me Get Through the Night) today, which competes in the Meeting Point section of the 62nd edition of the festival.

This film follows a family for three days, focusing on the life of Patricia, a woman with a gambling addiction; her husband Rodrigo, who plans to throw her out of the home; and their sons Luis, who is about to get married, and Carlos, the little brother who at the young age of 10 struggles to fix the family situation with all the resources he has at his disposal.

José Ramón Chávez

Help Me Get Through the Night is a tragicomedy, but as its director says, “the film could have been heartbreaking, but I decided to work from a funny point-of-view. I’ve always believed that when you talk about things so dramatic and harsh, people understand them better with complicity.”

In addition, Chávez talked about his family and about how he came from a place where death is not seen as a bad thing. “I did not want a fatalistic reaction, I did not want to give that touch to the movie. I think that even in the darkest darkness there is always a ray of light,” he said.

Also, according to the director, he always wanted more than one person to take part, in this case, its four protagonists, and that situating the characters was the most difficult aspect. On the other hand, he said that the script was part his idea and partly that of the screenwriter, Claudia Sainte-Luce. “I had the idea, but Claudia shaped it. I made a very sad movie, and she, on the other hand, a very moving one,” the filmmaker joked.

Finally, he wanted to show his thanks to the festival and said he was delighted to be able to participate in the Seminci and visit the city of Valladolid for the first time.

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