In ‘Nowhere’, Natalie Halla shows several stories of refugees

Natalie Halla

25/10/2018.- On Thursday, the section Time of History programmed in competition the documentary Nowhere, by the self-taught producer and director Natalie Halla, who tells the story of her brother Ngoc Levan, an Austrian doctor of Vietnamese origin who, as a child, fled the Khmer Rouge and the war until the director’s Austrian family took him him.

“At first, I didn’t know how to tell the story. I was going to be the narrator, but in the end it was my nephew”, Natalie Halla explained. The director watched for the first time the film, which is “newly born.” The film is a trip to the protagonist’s past, where he remembers his experiences as a refugee, while struggling with his fears as an international aid worker in the Island of Lesbos trying to help refugees who are fleeing the Syrian war. “It is a fight with his own past, as he is trying to identify himself,” said the director, whose first work Drugmothers (2010) was screened that year in the Time of History section out of competition.

 According to the filmmaker, the film tries to break down the barriers that Western society builds to separate themselves from the refugee crisis. “It is one thing to watch the images of all these people in the news or in the movies, but reality is different. My film is a positive vision of refugees. At the end of the day, they are still people with a face and a name,” Halla concluded.

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