‘Hoy partido a las 3,’ cinema and women’s football

Clarisa Navas and Fran Villalba present ‘Hoy partido a las 3’

10/25/2017. – The Meeting Point section screened the feature film by Clarisa Navas Hoy partido a las tres (Game Today at Three), a film about a women’s football team that plays in a neighborhood competition in a province in northern Argentina. Politics, competition and the fight to occupy a traditionally male space are part of the film’s theme.

“The fact that local politicians appear at the team’s competitions and hold rallies at the matches is a common occurrence in Argentina and in my province,” commented the director and scriptwriter in the colloquium after the screening, “politicians take advantage of the people’s passion for football to promote themselves or as a cover.”

The feature was filmed with an amateur cast, the characters are the actual teammates of the protagonists of the story. “It seemed important to me to address a little known universe, and even more so in the zone of the northeast of the country,” she commented in the presentation.

J’aime les Filles

The short film shown prior to the screening was J’aime les filles (I Like Girls) by Diane Obomsawin, an animated adaptation of a comic by the same author who asked her friends, “not about the memory of their first partner, but about the first time they were interested in a woman.”

The true stories are represented by friendly characters characterized as animals to “preserve the identity of my friends and such personal stories,” explained the director.

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