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Time of History zooms in on current social and humanitarian conflicts and anonymous heroes

Monday 27 September, 2021

Emilio Gutiérrez Caba will receive Seminci's Honorary Spike

Friday 24 September, 2021

Documentaries, novel filmmakers and short films take center stage in the Spanish Cinema section

Friday 24 September, 2021

A Clockwork Orange's lead star Malcolm McDowell, will attend the Valladolid fest to present the documentary "The Forbidden Orange"

Thursday 16 September, 2021

Exhibition 'The Beatles and India' inaugurated at Casa de la India

Wednesday 15 September, 2021

The Official Section of the 66th Valladolid Festival foreshadows the powerful gaze of a new generation of international filmmakers

Wednesday 15 September, 2021

'Happening', the winner of Venice's Golden Lion, to compete in the Official Section

Monday 13 September, 2021

Seminci renews its website

Tuesday 7 September, 2021

‘Beatles Forever’: Seminci 2021 to celebrate the contribution of the Liverpool quartet to cinema and universal culture

Thursday 2 September, 2021

'The Odd-Job Men', by Neus Ballús, will compete in the 66th edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival

Tuesday 31 August, 2021

The 66th Seminci to schedule the retrospective "Dissidences: New Filmmakers, New Gazes"

Wednesday 25 August, 2021

The Regional Government of Castile and León presents 'Comunidad SEMINCI' with the aim of extending the festival to more provinces this summer

Tuesday 24 August, 2021

Clara Roquet's feature debut 'Libertad' to open the 66th edition of SEMINCI

Friday 23 July, 2021

Unicaja Banco renews its sponsorship of SEMINCI in the upcoming 66th edition

Thursday 15 July, 2021

Deepa Mehta will chair the International Jury of the 66th edition of SEMINCI

Friday 18 June, 2021

Seminci includes the 'Fundos Award' for social innovation in its 66th edition

Tuesday 8 June, 2021

Seminci will premiere a documentary on Cristóbal Halffter in its 66th edition

Tuesday 25 May, 2021

Argentina will be guest country in the 66th edition of SEMINCI

Wednesday 19 May, 2021

Seminci presents Tus 66 miradas, by León-based artist Jorge Barrientos as the official image

Wednesday 19 May, 2021

Satyajit Ray, the father of indian cinema

Sunday 2 May, 2021
Official Section
Clara Roquet
Opening Film
Nathalie Álvarez Mesén
Asghar Farhadi
Behtash Sanaeeha, Maryam Moghadam
Juho Kuosmanen
Maria Schrader
Panah Panahi
Audrey Diwan
Fred Baillif
Paula Hernández
Pan Nalin
Hany Abu-Assad
Neus Ballús
Ramon Zürcher, Silván Zürcher
Helena de Llanos
Blerta Basholli
Deepa Mehta
Closign Film

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