‘Hombre en la llanura’ by Patricio Suárez: life in an infinite space

Patricio Suárez together with part of his team

10/25/2018.- The documentary by director Patricio Suárez, Hombre en la llanura, was presented on Thursday 25th October in a new session of DOC. Spain. The screening was attended by various members of the team, including the director himself and the producer Uriel Wisnia.

The story focuses on the life of a man alone in an infinite, very open space. Horacio was born and brought up in the countryside, and after moving around a lot, decides to return to this place.

The main character in the documentary, Horacio, “could be associated with the pioneers, those people who’ve always been there”, the director said. As for the location, Patricio Suárez knows it very well, as it is very close to where he was born. “It is an area with unique characteristics, and it has some kind of alluring quality, some wild energy”, the Argentine director confessed.

The team spent two years with the character, and as a result, had a very clear premise: “the darkness of the film is dominant and formed part of the emotional state”, said Uriel Wisnia. The documentary looks beyond the character, although the team worked with him at all times. “The planning took place on the basis of his reality”, added Patricio Suárez.

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