Gutiérrez travels through the Philippines via its languages

10/22/2017.- This Sunday, director Sally Gutiérrez, along with director of photography Raquel Fernández, presented her documentary Ta acorda ba tu el Filipinas? (Do You Remember the Philippines?). It is one of the three Spanish documentaries that is participating in the Time of History section.

Gutiérrez’s objective was to portray current life of Filipinos through characters whose situations and points of view differ, conveying to the viewer the cultural differences between social classes, clashes of cultures and religions, the vertiginous growth of Manila, and the “evident Spanish footprint” that can still be seen in the archipelago today.

Director Sally Gutiérrez, along with director of photography Raquel Fernández

One of the greatest complications they encountered during filming was dealing with the differences between Asian and European customs and culture, making “every day a mystery.” In addition, creating a climate of trust with the subjects that appear in the documentary was fundamental, so that they would allow the filmmakers to “invade their personal space,” said the director in a discussion after the screening.

The project emerged from Gutiérrez’s experiences working with Filipino immigrants in Spain. Immigration from the Philippines to Spain is known as “invisible immigration.” These experiences motivated her to travel to the Philippines regularly starting in 2005. Her trips there have served to document and approach the people who have breathed life into her documentary.

In addition, a short film within the same section, called Raymond Tallis: On Tickling, was presented. This piece utilizes the fact that human beings are unable to tickle themselves to come to the conclusion that people exist for dialogue and connection with others.

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