An example of overcoming obstacles

Álvaro Priante, filmmaker of ‘Barefoot Giants’

10/24/2017.- The Features from Castilla y León section screened the documentary Gigantes descalzos [Barefoot Giants] on Tuesday, October 24th, in the 62nd edition of Seminci. A feature film directed by Álvaro Priante and Iván Roiz, it reflects the struggle of the Triqui people to get out of poverty and marginalization through the means of basketball.

The directors portray the day to day lives of a group of children who were able to win championships outside of their town. Above all, they reflect the excitement of a generation that becomes an example to follow. In Gigantes descalzos [Barefoot Giants], the audience encounters the living conditions of the region, the unjust customs surrounding women, the long training sessions, the study nights and, how all this was overcome with effort, unity, and motivation.

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