García Sánchez receives the Festival’s Spike of Honour

José Luis García Sánchez receives the Spike of Honor of Seminci and the congratulations of Ana Belén

The director accepted this recognition surrounded by numerous colleagues and friends at the Gala of Castilla y León Cinema, held at Zorrilla Theatre 

10/23/2017.- Today, Salamancan director José Luis García Sánchez received the Valladolid International Film Festival’s Golden Spike of Honour in recognition of a career which spans five-decades. García Sánchez has directed some of Spanish cinema’s most emblematic films, including Las truchas [Trout] (1977), which won the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival, and Divinas palabras [Divine Words] (1987).

The director accepted this recognition surrounded by numerous colleagues and friends at the Gala of Castilla y León Cinema, held at Zorrilla Theatre. As such, in attendance to celebrate the director were the producer of five of his films, Juan Gona; actors Juan Diego and Charo López; and the team of the film that was chosen for the tribute, La blanca paloma [The White Dove]: the producer Víctor Manuel San José and the starring couple, José Sacristán and Ana Belén.

Juan Diego said that García Sánchez, “is the director with whom I have worked the most times in cinema and theater; and to whom I am bound by an unshakable friendship, one which no one has been able to break, because above all we are tied together by our deep love for this profession.” He also recalled that the first time he visited the Valladolid International Film Festival was in 1993 with the film Tirano Banderas [The Tyrant Banderas], which was directed by García Sánchez. Charo López, in turn, expressed gratitude for “the career of García Sánchez,” because “few filmographies are like his, few have made us laugh so much.”

José Sacristán praised that La blanca paloma [The White Dove] is “one of my most beloved films.” “It has rarely occurred to me, when I have done a first reading of a script, but this one seemed perfect from the beginning,” said the actor. He also highlighted “the chemistry and mutual understanding” of the whole team during shooting. Ana Belén defined García Sánchez as “an indomitable figure,” with whom “I was fortunate to feel like a welcome geek” during the filming of “a movie that talks about the movies.”

García Sánchez with his Spike

Finally, García Sánchez briefly took the floor to express his thanks for a tribute “so full of wonderful people that it seems like one of my own films.” He released to the public the following message: “go more often to the cinema and less often to the processions.” The Spike of Honor was presented by the General Director of Cultural Policies of the Castilla y León Regional Government, Mar Sancho. She recalled the commitment of the regional administration to the audiovisual sector, which is brought to life in the push for cinematographic productions from the region of Castilla y León. This occurs by means of officially calling for fundraising, through a resolution that was passed on September 6th. The funds raised amount to 275,000 Euros, and have provided, for the first time, the funding for short films.

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