‘Freiheit’ investigates «the search for personal freedom»

Producers Jamila Wenske and Sol Bondy present Seminci’s second feature film by German director Jan Speckenbach

Jamila Wenske and Sol Bondy, Freiheit´s film producers

10/22/2017.- A look at “the pursuit of personal freedom” is added to the films competing in the Official Section of the 62nd Seminci. Freiheit (Freedom) is a co-production between Germany and Slovakia, directed by German filmmaker Jan Speckenbach.

This is Speckenbach’s second feature film, his first being The Other Day in Eden.Producers Jamila Wenske and Sol Bondy participated in a press conference at the Valladolid International Film Festival to present this project. It all started six years ago with their production company, One Two Films, which has brought two other films to the Official Section of the Festival: The Bookshop, directed by Isabel Coixet, and Undir trénu [Under the Tree], directed by the Icelandic filmmaker Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson.

Freiheit [Freedom] was the first project scheduled,” but production was delayed by a complicated process to find funding, explained Jamila Wenske. Filming began at the end of the story to present an investing partner with what would be achieved by the end of the work. This commitment was also influenced by the “interest in continuing to work with Jan Speckenbach,” as Sol Bondy had worked with him on his graduation project at the Met Film School Berlin.

Starring Johanna Wokalek, Hans-Jochen Wagner, and Inga Birkenfeld, Freiheit [Freedom] inquires into “the pursuit of freedom” and the price to be paid while try to obtain it. All this is seen from a woman’s point of view. “It is not so common for a woman to be willing to give up her family life to get that freedom,” explained Jamila Wenske.

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