Fernando ‘Pino’ Solanas: “People’s health is being speculated with”

Fernando ‘Pino’ Solanas

10/21/2018.- On Sunday, the Time of History section screened the new film by veteran director Fernando ‘Pino’ SolanasA Journey to the Fumigated Towns, a documentary which addresses various issues arising in the crop fields in Argentina. The feature film is the eighth part in a series which began with Social Genocide, released in 2003.

A discussion was held at Cervantes Theatre after the film, in which the director spoke to the audience about the documentary and the main issues it contains, such as land-grabbing by investment funds. “In Argentina, 100,000 small harvesters have disappeared, and they no longer have anywhere to live or any food to eat”, says Solanas regretfully, calling for a democratisation of the countryside, as well as condemning “the complicity of the judiciary and the authorities in controlling all of the nation’s harvests”.

Various issues are addressed in the documentary, all of which are interlinked with the main theme: the fumigation of the fields. Currently, there are 2,000 different agrotoxins which harm our organism and which can be found in the bodies of anyone consuming fruit and vegetables from large agricultural holdings. Moreover, the documentary collates statements from people who have become ill and have even lost family members as a result of these chemicals.

Fernando ‘Pino’ Solanas had to self-fund 85% of the costs for the documentary as, he says, “there is an extremely corrupt political culture which speculates with the health of millions of people and does not want this truth to come to light”.

Proszę o ciszę (Their Voices)

The session was supplemented by the short documentary film Proszę o ciszę (Their Voices) by Japanese director Eri Mizutani, which tells the story of the lives of several children with hearing impairments who board at a strange school in Poland. The director described her favourite moments of the film, where we can see the children playing and behaving completely naturally. “Filming with the children was very easy and fun”, she said.

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