Female producers come together to demand measures to promote equality

Meeting of Female Film Producers in Spain

21/10/2018 – Female representation at Seminci is improving year on year, as demonstrated on Sunday at the Meeting of Female Film Producers in Spain held in the Mirror Room at Calderón Theatre, where several representatives from the sector explained the measures agreed in a prior meeting with a view to eliminating the salary gap between men and women and achieving an improved work-life balance, among other demands.

In this way, the 27 producers from the audiovisual sector who met in Valladolid have called for institutions to comply with the Equality Law and for sanctions to be applied to those who fail to do so. Within this range of measures, they also requested that the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) conduct a rigorous study to establish female representation in figures, disaggregated by professional category, in order to clarify the situation as there is a patent lack of data.

Moreover, they have called for the ICAA and other public administrative bodies to implement a progressive quota system for projects led by women. In this sense, Miriam Porté, founder and producer of Distinto Films, clarified that it is necessary to establish the percentage of public money allocated to this area, and that the percentages should be progressive “so that the implementation of the quota evolves organically”. “It’s a corrective measure, a positive measure to balance things out”, she commented during her presentation, before adding that actions to boost equal opportunities are required.

Meanwhile, Esther García, production manager at El Deseo, said that the ideal would be “to achieve that 50-50 in 2020”, although it remains a distant goal for the moment. She also reminded attendees that “some of the things which happened 42 years ago continue to happen to younger female producers today”, highlighting the importance of educating people on equality. “A clear decision must be made for the women of the present and the future”, García elaborated, highlighting the importance of willingness from both men and women to change the situation.

The councillor for Culture and Tourism in Valladolid, Ana Redondo, who was among the audience, asked the speakers what the administrative bodies could do to help improve the situation of women, to which the producers replied that an important step forward would be taken “simply by enforcing the Equality Law and imposing sanctions for non-compliance”.

Another of the measures which the audiovisual producers agreed during the meeting is to ask the ICAA to create a directory in order to enhance the visibility and showcase the talents of women across all categories.

The director of Caimán Cuadernos de Cine, Carlos F. Heredero, emphasised the commitment made by the 27 producers at this Sunday’s meeting, with a view to moving towards equality between men and women. “It is demonstrative of a significant capacity for hard work and consensus”, he noted. The director of Seminci, Javier Angulo, also praised the initiative, commenting that the women’s demands “are the minimum, not the maximum”.

Following this first meeting of female audiovisual producers in Spain as part of the festival, the professionals said that further meetings would be held with the aim of continuing to fight for a more equal society.

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