‘El silencio roto’ denounces school bullying

Piluca Baquero makes her debut in the documentary genre with ‘El Silencio Roto’

10/22/2017.- Piluca Baquero makes her debut in the documentary genre with El Silencio Roto [Broken Silence], a film in which she has collected various real testimonies of school bullying victims, and transports them to the big screen with cartoons. Baquero’s feature film was presented this Sunday, October 22nd, at the Valladolid International Film Festival, where it is competing in the DOC.Spain section.

Although throughout her professional career she has produced more than twenty films, El silencio roto [Broken Silence] is the first one that she has directed. Piluca Baquero assured that this film arose from a personal experience, as her daughter experienced bullying in school. “I understood then that families who went through this were alone; nobody explained to you very well what to do, the school did not know how to face it, and classmates’ parents did not react,” explained the director.

Baquero tries to show viewers “the quite dramatic situation that these children and their families are going through.” The aim is to raise awareness and to educate society to act against this scourge, since “today’s children are the adults of tomorrow, and a society without violence, without aggression, and without defects will be a better society,” according to the director.

Finally, the Valencian Baquero decided to make this film through cartoons to maintain the anonymity of Maria, Victoria, Mario, and Emma, ​​the young protagonists of this 85 minute film. Although, “we have kept their real voices,” she explained. Baquero thanked animator Javier de Juan for his collaboration, as “his work was fundamental.”

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