‘El Proxeneta. Paso corto, mala leche’ discusses the trafficking of women

Mabel Lozano in 63rd Seminci

10/20/2018.- The latest film El Proxeneta. Paso Corto Mala Leche by model, actress, scriptwriter, documentary filmmaker and director Mabel Lozano premiered on Saturday 20th October in the DOC. Spain section of Valladolid International Film Festival. The documentary focuses on the trafficking of women from the perspective of The Musician, one of the architects of organised crime involved in prostitution in Spain.

Mabel Lozano tells the story in three parts: De macarras a proxenetas (From thugs to pimps), Ninguna mujer nace para prostituta (No woman is born to be a prostitute) and Los parásitos de la prostitución (The parasites of prostitution). «The important aspect of the film isn’t the women, but the reality of how the system hides this exploitation. The figureheads behind it, and above all, the film points the finger at the tormentors», she explained.

The Musician served a three-year prison sentence. While in prison, he collaborated with the UCRIF (Central Unit for Illegal Immigration and Document Falsification Networks) to dismantle networks trafficking Romanian women. Now he defines himself firmly as an activist fighting human trafficking. However, the twelve venues he managed previously remain open.

In her documentary, Mabel Lozano aims «to break the silence of the society of sex, corruption, murders, trafficking in women, money laundering, kidnapping and extortion», through the testimony of the former pimp, who appears on camera to talk about the method used by those who were once his partners.

For Lozano, it is very important to note that «we must not confuse voluntariness with consent», as there are no women who would voluntarily subject themselves to organised crime exploiting women, but instead women who consent to it due to a lack of resources. «It becomes normalised and legitimated because it is something which has been with us forever», the director added.

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