‘El Cigala’, indestructible in flamenco and salsa

David Pareja premieres a documentary that travels alongside Diego ‘El Cigala’ in his encounters with great legends of music to find the soul of salsa

David Pareja

22/10/2017.- Journalist and music specialist David Pareja premieres in DOC. Spain the documentary Indestructible. El Alma de La Salsa [Indestructible: The Soul of Salsa]. Salsa’s music and rhythm are the film’s thread, which makes a visual tour of the genre’s history, from its birth until Diego ‘El Cigala’ releases the album Indestructible [Indestructible] in 2016. This album is a unique and unprecedented product, a review of both classic salsa and the salsa of today with its flamenco soul.

The film accompanies Diego in an artistic search in which he visited Cali (Colombia), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Havana (Cuba), Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), and New York and Miami (United States), recording part of the album in each destination. Scenes with complete musical performances, artist testimonies, spontaneous moments, as well as scenes of great discipline and work, are the pieces that compose this feature film.

“The idea of ​​making a salsa record came from Amparo, Diego ‘El Cigala’s wife; after her death, he decided to do this project. It was a very special project, and that’s why I decided to make this film,” says the director. “But I never felt like merely a tool or instrument on assignment– I love salsa, and to have the opportunity to share that love, especially by way of ‘El Cigala,’ was a gift.”

Much of the team that traveled through each of the countries filming attended the premiere of the documentary. “There we found the rest of the characters and their stories and the script took shape;” they explained, “it has taken more than a year of work between recording, editing and postproduction to complete.”

The explosion of color, rhythm and naturalness, coupled with the personality of Diego ‘El Cigala’ foster a feature film dedicated to the love of music, art, and celebration.

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