Economic crisis and hope in ‘Šventasis’

Blaževičius presented his feature film, Šventasis, about a man who is fired from his job and the way he then reacts

10/25/2017. – Director Andrius Blaževičius presented his feature film, Šventasis, about a man who is fired from his job and the way he then reacts, which is full of ups and downs that represent the effects of the 2008 global crisis on all countries, especially in Lithuania, the director’s country of origin.

Vytas, the protagonist of the film, is fired from the factory where he had worked as a mechanic for years, so he tries to find work suited to his skills, but to no avail. A love affair and disenchantment with life causes his marriage to break down and he has to leave home. In addition, his growing obsession for an Internet video keeps him hoping for a better future.

Russia’s influence on Lithuania is evident in a moment in the film were only Russian is spoken, which was how the director showed that “Russians are something normal within Lithuanian culture and can get along with normality.”

The ending, which is open to the interpretation by the viewer, is “a symbol of hope that the protagonist tries to transmit to the public.”


The director of the short film Daniel Drummond

A Foreman

The feature film was preceded by the short film A Foreman, by Daniel Drummond, who came to the screening with the film’s protagonist, Piercey Dalton. This student project narrates the arduous task of a factory manager who has to combine the interests and benefits of the workers with those of the company.

The director of the short explained that the workers that appear in the film were real employees of the factory in which they filmed, to the astonishment of the viewers concerning the realism with which the work situation was perceived.

Both cinematographic pieces were screened in the Meeting Point section of Seminci.


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