‘Dream Songs’: Does True Freedom Exist?

The 62nd edition of Seminci screens a documentary about the hippies who still live in Ibiza in the DOC.Spain section of the Festival

10/25/2017. – One of the films competing in the DOC.Spain section of the 62nd edition of the Valladolid International Film Week is a documentary by Agustí Vila. Dream Songs is about hippies, which aims to discover if there are still people with this philosophy of life in Ibiza.

Vila, Enrique Juncosa and Pérez Santana

A feature film that emerged, according to its director, Agustí Vila, after La Mosquitera (The Mosquito Net), because “I was trying to make another film and a friend who lived in Ibiza told me that I had to go and meet some very interesting people who lived in what was an old riverbed with several animals and a garden.” But filming did not begin at that time, but rather when the filmmaker returned months later and realized “there was nothing left of what that man once had.” After speaking with him, a Frenchman settled on the island, “he told me that, in spite of everything, he would never put fences around his garden because he believed in freedom.”

The real question that the director asks with this film is if freedom really exists and if so and if it can do so without being attached to political control. The protagonists of Dream Songs arrived on the island in the 60’s and still live surrounded by creativity. “All the characters have that kind of mania with freedom and have taken it to the limit. That’s what was fun and what interested me about the characters,” said Vila.

Although the director stated that “everybody has to draw their own conclusions,” with this film Vila wants to convey to the viewers what he has seen “in these characters, who impressed me for having achieved what I have never achieved: what is means to live from your art. I find that admirable. They have shown me that true freedom is possible and that one must be true to oneself.”

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