DOC. España will screen 14 titles, 11 of them in competition

  • “Cine quinqui”: Spain’s  young delinquent movies  from the 1980s
  • The loneliness and neglect of abandoned villages
  • Sexual exploitation as told by a pimp
  • The biography of a born fighter: Marcelino Camacho

‘Baltasar Lobo’, by Agustín Remesal

09/19/2018.- Exclusively devoted to Spanish documentary cinema, the festival section DOC. España will screen 14 titles: 11 films competing for a €6,000 cash award that will go to the winning director plus some other 3 documentary features screening out of competition.

The films’ protagonists are either anonymous people of great personal value or people who enjoy social recognition for their artistic or professional careers. Everyday and family issues are explored, but also controversial topics like marginality, sexual exploitation or sexism, among others.

Regarding the documentaries’ directors, consolidated names (Adolfo Dufour, Mabel Lozano, Isabel de Ocampo, Felipe Vega, Juan Vicente Córdoba, Hernán Zin or Alana Simões) will share the space with debutant filmmakers (Ana Ramón Rubio, Laura Hojman, Patricio Suarez, Ece Ger, Alfonso Kint, Alejandro Cortés, or the journalist Agustín Remesal).


Here is the full list of titles in this fest section:

Almost Ghosts, Ana Ramón Rubio (Spain / USA)

Azul Siquier, Felipe Vega (Spain)

Hombre en la llanura, Patricio Suarez (Spain/Argentina)

Meeting Jim, Ece Ger (Turkey / Spain / United Kingdom)

Mi hermano, Alana Simões (Mexico/Spain)

Morir para contar, Hernán Zin (Spain)

Quinqui Stars, Juan Vicente Córdoba (Spain)

El proxeneta, paso corto mala leche, Mabel Lozano (Spain)

Serás hombre, Isabel De Ocampo (Spain)

Soñando un lugar, Alfonso Kint (Spain)

Tierras solares, Laura Hojman (Spain)



Baltasar Lobo, Agustín Remesal

Carrasca, Alejandro Cortés

Música con las manos. Conversación con Jesús López Cobos, Cristina Otero

Lo posible y lo necesario, Adolfo Dufour

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