Diversity and quality in the Official Section short films

10/27/2017. – The 62nd edition of the Valladolid International Film Week programmed a total of 13 short films in its Official Section, four of which were presented on Friday, October 27th. Director Kei Chikaura, of the short film Signature; filmmaker Eva Cvijanovic, with the film Hedgehog’s Home; creator Octav Chelaru with Haine Negre (Black Clothes) and director Farnoosh Samadi along with scriptwriter Ali Asgari of the short film Negah (Gaze) have all come to the city of Valladolid to screen their films on the sixth day of the contest.

Romanian filmmaker Octav Chelaru screened his film Black Clothes. A story that talks about the life of an orthodox priest who preaches about the sin of hypocrisy without realizing that the next one who will commit this sin will be himself, to protect his son. “This story is based on real events and has to do with something that happened to my father, which is just what happens in the film,” said the creator of the film, who is convinced that “the meaning of cinema is to communicate between different cultures.”

Hedgehog’s Home arrives at this edition of the contest by the hand of director Eva Cvijanovic. An animated short film that has already won more than 15 international awards and pays homage to a cultural icon of the former Yugoslavia, a hedgehog. The filmmaker uses stop-motion animation to bring a touch of originality to the classic story by Branko Copic. “The purpose of this film is to share this childlike story that is so dear to many,” said the filmmaker. In addition, it is a film inspired by a book that is “very iconic, and that was a challenge because I did not want to neither copy the book nor compete with it,” justified the director to explain why she resorted to the stop-motion technique to ensure that the home is “understood as a space for love and affection.”

Ali Asgari, Farnoosh Samedi, Kei Chikaura, Eva Cvijanovic and Octav Chelaru at the press conference

Director Kei Chikaura presented his short film Signature. This film tells the story of a naive young man lost in the crowds of a Tokyo neighborhood where fate changes his life from one moment to the next. The Japanese filmmaker, who is currently preparing his first feature film, said Signaturecame about a year ago when I was doing a casting test for the feature film of this story. So, I proposed to the director to make a short film before the movie, and that’s how it happened.” Chikaura added that he has “tried to put a strong emphasis on human values.”

The renowned Farnoosh Samadi also returned to the festival with her short film Negah (Gaze) after winning the Golden Spike for the Best Short Film -along with co-director Ali Asgari- in the Official Section with Silence at the 61st Seminci. This new film tells the story of a woman who, on her way home from work, witnesses something happening on a bus and must decide whether to say anything about it or not. “The film is something I witnessed in reality on a bus, and I realized that I had the dilemma of reporting it or not,” said the filmmaker. “The real reason behind this movie is that I, as a woman, feel that even though we are brave, we do not have true freedom and I felt compelled to raise my voice for other women,” Samadi added. “This idea was joined by a similar situation that I witnessed in Rome,” said Ali Asgari, scriptwriter of Negah.

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