Debate on the presence of women in Spanish cinema

10/11/2017.- The objectives of the Forum on Women in Spanish Cinema are to provide both a general diagnosis of the presence of women in the industry, as well as a set of measures with the end goal of moving towards parity. The Forum will be held on Monday, October 23rd, within parallel activities programmed by the 62nd Seminci.

In a working session contributors Andrea Gutiérrez, of Cinemanía; Paula Ponga, Fotogramas; Begoña Piña, Public; Vanesa Fernández, Zinebi; Garbiñe Ortega, Punto de Vista; Marta Selva, DracMagic; Alicia Luna, for the Academy of Cinema; Inés París, of the Fundación Autor; Gonzalo Salazal, from ECAM; and Maria Adell, ESCAC, will articulate the debate on three documents. The first of these documents is a report prepared by CIMA (the Association of Women in Film and Audiovisual Media), which will be presented by Cristina Andreu. The second, presented by Jara Yáñez, is a report carried out by the magazine Caiman: Cuadernos de Cine [Notebooks on Cinema]. Finally, the last document will be presented by Concha Gómez, from Carlos III University.

Starting at 13:50, in Calderón Theatre’s Hall of Mirrors, the director of the Seminci, Javier Angulo, accompanied by Carlos F. Heredero, who is in charge of Caiman: Cuadernos de Cine [Notebooks on Cinema], will present the symposium’s conclusions.

In addition, a roundtable discussion (beginning at 16:30 in the Hall of Mirrors of Calderón Theatre) will close the events scheduled for the day. The discussion will be moderated by Jara Yáñez, from Caiman: Cuadernos de Cine [Notebooks on Cinema], and will include various female professionals in the film industry— director Chus Gutiérrez, producer María Zamora, screenwriter Coral Cruz, cinematographer Raquel Fernández, film editor Teresa Font, costume designer Patricia Monné, sound editor Amanda Villavieja, and art director Pilar Revuelta. This discussion will take place in collaboration with the SGAE Foundation (the General Society for Writers and Editors).

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