David Bickerstaff films the story of Edgar Degas’ artistic passion

David Bickerstaff and Phil Grabsky, director and producer

24/10/2018.- On Wednesday, October 24, David Bickerstaff presented his feature film Degas, passion for perfection, which competes in the Time of History section. It is «a recreation of Degas’s pursuit of perfection», the director explained to the audience after the first screening in Spain. This documentary is the seventh in a series of documentaries aiming to «bring art and cinema together».

An exhibition about the artist, called Passion for perfection, is Bickertstaff’s starting point to approaching Degas. The images of some of Degas’ works, both paintings and sculptures, are supplemented by the explanations of numerous experts in his work. «I try for it not to be excessively academic, but accessible», said the director.

Bickertstaff’s interest in this type of feature films is a result of his passion for art. «I started out as a painter, studying art in Australia», Bickerstaff said during the post-screening discussion. Besides, he didn’t hesitate to proclaim his love for the work of the documentary’s protagonist. However, he confessed he wouldn’t be able to «be friends with Degas» due to the artist’s odd personality.

On top of that, Bickerstaff talked about his upcoming projects within this art series, which will deal with young Picasso (from his birth to 1907), and with Van Gogh and his relationship with Japan.

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