Conversation between filmmakers and distributors at Seminci

10/10/2018.- Promoted and hosted by the Valladolid Film Festival, last year’s Conference on Independent Film Distribution fostered a fruitful discussion on a changing scene characterised by the setting up of new distribution platforms. The debate will be resumed this year in the second edition of this event under the motto “Find Distribution at Seminci” where the approach will be eminently practical.

Out of the 42 competing films in this year’s core sections (Official, Meeting Point, Time of History),  22 have not secured a distribution deal in Spain. For this reason, the Valladolid Festival calls on film distributors so that they take steps in order for some of these films to get into Spanish cinemas.

Event attendees will have the opportunity to view these as yet undistributed films and help them reach Spain’s commercial movie theatres.

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