Cinema & Wine makes a toast to Pascual Herrera

The family of Pascual Herrera before the posthumous recognition at Seminci

10/25/2017. – Pascual Herrera has been called “the man of a thousand wines” and “the wine smile.” For the 62nd edition of the Valladolid International Film Week, he is also the modernizer of the wine sector recognized with the Golden Spike of Honor, a posthumous recognition that the Cinema & Wine section of the Seminci awarded. One of his sons, Manuel Herrera, received the distinction at the Gala held in LAVA (Valladolid Laboratory of the Arts) from the Valladolid Provincial Council President, Mr. Jesus Julio Carnero.

Manuel Herrera used cinema references to remember the work of his father, whom he imagined as the director of a film. Like cinema, wine comes from “an idea,” it needs “a script and filming” as well as “time, dedication, passion and craft”. “But above all, it feeds on love”, and it is that love that Pascual Herrera poured into what gives wine “its soul”. The process requires “a shoot that starts at the harvest and continues into the winery, until you get to discover the final take”. The premiere, in the bottle, is the last step.

Jesús Julio Carnero praised the honoree as he remembered Herrera’s old commitment to make the sector what it is today, from the Estación Enológica (Wine Station) to the presidency of the Ribera de Duero and Cigales Denominaciones de Origen (DO). He also recalled his role in the promotion of wine tourism and his period as the first president of the Provincial Wine Museum, dependent of the Valladolid regional government.

The homage to Herrera came to a close in a gala in which the prizes for the short films from Rueda con Rueda (a cinema and wine festival) were awarded, so named for the Rueda DO, with the collaboration of Seminci and the Provincial Council. In its second edition, the contest screened 56 works, compared to the 12 presented the previous year. Seventeen were filmed in the DO’s wine cellars, said its director general, Santiago Mora, who considers the contest as a way to reach those seeking the wines of Rueda, the young crowd.

José Corbacho and Alejandro Renedo

The jury made up of actresses Nadia de Santiago and Ingrid García-Jonsson, filmmaker Paco Plaza, director of the Seminci Javier Angulo, and the general director of the DO Rueda Santiago Mora chose La avenida (The Avenue) by Alejandro Renedo of Valladolid as the short film winner, which received the 5,000 euros main prize. The same film was also awarded the prize for the best short film shot by film and audiovisual students, endowed with 2,000 euros. The award for the best short film shot in wine cellars of the DO, with a 3,000 euros prize, went to El origen (The Origin), by José Antonio Campos.

The contest also gave special mentions for Best Photography to Ander Múgica for Soledad Tapas Bar; Best Actress, shared by the female cast of Despedida (Farewell), and Best Actor to Santiago Molero for his work in The Origin.

The comedian José Corbacho returned as the presenter of Cinema & Wine. The actor highlighted the favorable evolution of this cycle. “It is growing at such a speed that in the end the Seminci is just going to be a section of Cinema & Wine,” he joked.

The cycle includes three days of activity in the LAVA, where the short film winners and finalists of the Rueda con Rueda contest and feature films André – The Voice of Wine, narrated by Ralph Fiennes, Sour Grapes, and Ce qui nous lie (Back to Burgundy) are going to be screened. There are going to take place also concerts and different performances, wine tastings from the DOs of Ribera de Duero, Cigales and Rueda, as well as other products offered by Alimentos Artesanos (Artesan Foods) and still further events, thanks to the presence of Iceland as a guest country in the 62nd Seminci.

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