Catalan designer Toni Pontí signs the 64th Seminci’s official image

Official poster of 64th Seminci

05/09/2019.- The official poster of the Valladolid International Film Festival’s upcoming 64th edition, scheduled for 19-26 October, has been designed by Catalan graphic artist Toni Pontí and is titled Firma de autor (An author’s signature).

The poster competition jury unanimously chose Pontí’s work from among  388 submissions. A specialist in graphic design, photography and costume design for films and advertisements, this Lleida-born art director had previously authored the Meeting Point section poster for the festival’s 60th edition, as well as the Film Week’s official image in the 2014, 2016 and 2017 editions.

Pontí’s initial motivation when he set out to design this work was to «speak about authorship, identity and film, the latter understood as the Seventh Art; and also about the Festival as auteur cinema». The poster’s main feature is «a huge S formed by multi-coloured paint splashes in a style that exhibits the influence of abstract expressionism: a hand-written S including several signatures by authors of different races and colours that ultimately make up a single autograph: Seminci’s», explains Pontí.  The eleventh edition of the Festival’s poster competition also selected the poster for the Meeting Point section: the winning entry was Rostros (Faces), by Valladolid’s student of graphic design Elena Rodríguez Merino. The poster’s underlying concept consists in «blending together the images of a woman and a man, meaning that even though we are very different from each other, we still have things in common (meeting points). In this case, our meeting point is cinema; this is why, by resorting to a red circle, the two gazes become one».

The poster for the Festival’s documentary section Time of History is the work of Miguel J. Ramírez Fernández, another local artist, and is titled Tiempos pasados (Days Gone By). Its author studied Illustration and Advertising Design before enroling on a Master’s Programme in Design Studies. Since 2015 he has been responsible for advertising and information at Bricodepot Spain and Portugal. For him, «the image of the hopscotch  grid  chalked on the pavement and the poster’s grayish hues pervade viewers with the feeling of a journey into the past; the numbers in the grid suggest a progressive reading of the passage of time until we reach number 64: an allusion to this year’s edition of Seminci».

The poster competition jury was formed by Ana Redondo, the local councillor for Culture, Commerce and Tourism; Juan Carlos Daza, a designer at dDc Diseño y Comunicación; Vanessa García Rivas, who teaches Graphic Design at Valladolid’s Design School (ESI); Liliana Muñoz de la Peña, an author at PizzaFilmsMarta García San José, who coordinates the Festival’s Film&Wine section; Daniel Villalobos and Sara Pérez Barreiro, both lecturers at Valladolid’s School of Architecture; and Javier Angulo, the Valladolid Festival director.

Posters of Meeting Point and Time of History sections

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