Carlos Saura observes the poetry of the construction of a building with his camera

Carlos Saura

10/21/2018.- The documentary by Carlos Saura depicts the construction of the Botín Centre in Santander through its architect, the Italian Renzo Piano, who is exalted throughout the film. Following the screening of the out-of-competition documentary in the Time of History section, the veteran director explained that he had been unable to see his film for a year and that each time he watches it, he is “surprised” by Renzo and the way in which he speaks of poetry and light. “The most exciting aspect of the filming was meeting him”, he emphasised.

Saura explained that the documentary was made with very few resources: “it is a minor work, but one created with great affection”, in his words. “It’s been a wonderful experience which has allowed me to discover Cantabria in a way in which I would never have been able to if it wasn’t for this opportunity”, he said. The director also commented that he “doesn’t see” anything of himself in the documentary, instead viewing the film as a kind of journey in which the protagonist is Renzo Piano and Saura acts merely as an “observer” of the unfolding events.

Meanwhile, the producer of the documentary, Álvaro Longoria, explained that the project was designed by Saura and that it was initially going to be “very short”. In the end, he added, the gestation of the project ran on for six years. Longoria also commented that he believes that what “most attracted” the director was the creative process and the opportunity to portray it in film. “I was very interested in the process, which was highly meticulous, and which was followed almost step by step”, confirmed the director.

The documentary places particular value on Cantabria, both in the construction of the Botín Centre and the natural landscapes of the region, which are important to Saura, who explained that “showcasing its richness was a way of transitioning to Santander and the construction of the building”. According to the director, the site also has a “practical” component, allowing “improved communications” along the seafront of the city of Santander.

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