«Bosco is a despicable being, but Boscos exist in real life»

10/21/2017 .- This Saturday Actor Santiago Alverú and producer Jaime Gona presented  the movie Selfie in Broadway Cinemas. The film is participating in the Spanish Cinema section of the 62nd Valladolid International Film Festival.

The film, directed by Víctor García León, was filmed as a mockumentary and with a handheld camera. “Looking realistic is more fun; we wanted it to look like an Instagram story,” says the producer.

Selfie portrays the story of Bosco, a young man with a good economic position. His father has a high-level position in the government, but ends up in prison for corruption. Without the help of anyone, Bosco must survive on his own, deal with other social classes, and face real life like he has never done before. “Bosco is a despicable being, but Boscos exist in real life,” explained Alverú.

‘Selfie’ portrays the story of Bosco

The idea to film this film “was born of the need to live the in the moment. Victor and I were unable to create something new. Although he already had an outline of the script, filming did not begin until 2015, when we were able to take advantage of the political situation that was happening,” added Gona.

The film is a comic strip, based on satire and humor, which makes room for political profiles as well known as those of Pablo Iglesias, Íñigo Errejón, or Esperanza Aguirre. According to the producer, “the film is alive, which is what we wanted. We have tried to portray what we see, and we have taken a picture of what is there.

Regarding the actors with disabilities appearing in the film, the filmmakers indicated that they searched in foundations like ONCE, but that they finally decided on people who studied theater and directed their own works. “We have to break those barriers, if we show too much respect, it is not possible to criticize,” added Alveru.

Finally, they wanted to clarify that the actress who plays the role of a blind girl is not in reality blind, and that her role is nothing more than a metaphor for Spain– willing to help, but totally blind.

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