‘Arpón (Harpoon)’: the total dedication of a teacher

Meeting Point premieres the Argentinean film by Tom Espinoza and the short film ‘Awasarn Sound Man (Death of the Sound Man)’, by Sorayos Prapapan

Daniel Ruiz and Roxana Ramos, producers of ‘Arpón (Harpoon)’, by Tom Espinoza

10/27/2017.- The producers of Arpón (Harpoon), Daniel Ruiz and Roxana Ramos, have presented the Tom Espinoza directed film in the Meeting Point section at the 62nd Seminci. It is competing in this section and the film is a drama that extols the total dedication of a high school teacher when one of his students is in danger.

Arquellos, the star, is a high school principal concerned about the health of his students when he discovers a suspicious object in the bathroom. He does not stop his daily backpack checks until he discovers that the owner is one of the 14-year-old students. This student will later have an accident, and Arquellos will have to take care of her, as her family is no longer in the city. During this time, the teacher will face the adversities that arise as he tries to get the girl to safety.

The film is “a symbol of being right on the edge all the time,” has said Ramos in the post-screening discussion. “You never know what’s going to happen”, has added Ruiz, explaining the meaning of the film, and of the word Arpón (Harpoon) as the title.

This film is a mixture of two real stories: “A real news story from Argentina in which one man exceeded his responsibilities as a teacher, and another in which girls were injecting oil into their bodies to change their appearance,” Ramos has indicated.

Short film Awasarn Sound Man (Death of the Sound Man)

Before Arpón (Harpoon), the Thai short by Sorayos Prapapan, Awasarn Sound Man [Death of the Sound Man], has been screened. It is a performance full of humor, about the real life of a film sound technician and creator. The director has thanked the audience for their interest in going to the Zorrilla Theater to see his short film: “Here commercial and independent cinema works well; in Thailand, not so much. The public does not care about independent cinema.”

Thai director Sorayos Prapapan

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