‘Ana de día’ doubles up the leading character in a quest for freedom

Andrea Jaurrieta, director, with Iván Luis and Martín Samper, producers

10/27/2018.- On Friday 26thOctober, the director Andrea Jaurrieta visited Valladolid International Film Festival to present Ana de día, her first feature film as a director, in which Ana, an exemplary young woman about to complete her PhD in Law, discovers that someone is impersonating her: a doppelgänger identical to her whose presence seems to surprise nobody. Far from attempting to recover her lost identity, Ana prefers to explore her own boundaries in light of this new anonymity, attempting to find the meaning of her existence and seeking her own freedom.

Andrea Jaurrieta holds a Masters in Film Directing from the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC). Her script won three international grants in Spain and Italy, and was selected for the Small is Biútiful Festival as part of Espagnolas en París, as one of the most promising scripts by a young Spanish talent. Andrea Jaurrieta has written seven short films and four video art projects. Among these, her last short film Los años dirán (2013) was selected for numerous national and international festivals, winning various awards.

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