‘Amor Amor’ by Jorge Cramez closes the cycle dedicated to Portugal

10/27/2018.- Portuguese director Jorge Cramez participated today in a debate with the audience who attended the screening of his feature film Amor Amor as part of the 21st Century Portuguese Cinema cycle.

Amor Amor tells the story of Marta and Jorge, who have been together for seven years. Everyone thinks they’re the perfect couple. Too perfect. Those are the thoughts of Bruno, much younger than Marta but madly in love with her; Ligia, Bruno’s sister and Marta’s best friend, who would love her brother to be happy; Carlos, a friend of Jorge’s who despite maintaining a superficial relationship with Ligia, secretly loves Marta; and even Jorge himself, who is convinced that their love and Marta’s desire to get married will end up trapping him. Overcome by this fear, he decides to push Marta into the arms of Carlos.

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