Agustín Remesal rediscovers sculptor Baltasar Lobo

Agustín Remesal, director de ‘Baltasar Lobo, la soledad del escultor’

22/10/2018.- From the Tierra de Campos’s ears to the Seine and the Eiffel Tower through the Spanish Civil War — this is the path followed by Baltasar Lobo, la soledad del escultor (“Baltasar Lobo, the sculptore’s loneliness“), a documentary about the artist from Zamora directed by Agustín Remesal. The feature film shows the life of “an extraordinary man” throughout his personal life and professional career, as the film’s director put it during the post-screening discussion in the DOC.Spain section of the 63rd Valladolid International Film Festival. “We have tried to bring together his work and his life,” added Remesal.

The filming lasted a year, but the relationship between the sculptor and the film’s director, who also comes from Zamora, dates back to the 90s. Lobo, who never gave interviews, in keeping with the idea of ​​the artist’s loneliness, held three meetings with Remesal, as the latter recalled. “The first time I met with him, we talked about our native soil. The second time, we met to try to do something for television together, and the third time he told me no,” said the director, also adding that he discovered Lobo’s work by chance while visiting an exhibition of his in Paris.

“The project allows us to get to know a body of work that may not be very widely known in our country,” Remesal explained. At the beginning of his career, Lobo used to make saint figures for churches, and was interested in the female body as well as in mothers playing with their children. The sculptor said so himself in one of the few interviews he ever gave, which is included in this film.

The documentary is told through a voiceover narrator interpreted by the director himself, who takes advantage of his experience working on television to walk the viewer through the different stages of the sculptor’s life. “We’ve tried to make a TV show. The film takes a television format. I think that people who are very passionate about culture will like it,” he said.

One of the stories told in the documentary is the contrast between Lobo and Pablo Picasso, which was important in the sculptor’s life after being exiled in France at the end of the Spanish Civil War. Remesal stressed the importance of this meeting, as well as the role played by Lobo’s wife Mercedes Comaposada Guillén, who acted as a link between them. “Lobo’s art attracts a lot of people, and there are some projects already to expand his museum in Zamora,” Remesal concluded.

Baltasar Lobo, at the National Museum of Sculpture, free with an accreditation

In its 63rd edition, the Seminci promotes access to art exhibition spaces in Valladolid and will provide free entrance to four exhibitions to those people accredited at the Festival. One of those exhibitions is “Baltasar Lobo. Un moderno entre los antiguos“, a retrospective of the sculptor’s career through 35 pieces, some of which are unfinished and some of which were never exhibited before. These sculptures can be seen together with the classic reproductions of the permanent exhibition. The exhibition can be visited in La Casa del Sol of the National Museum of Sculpture until October 28.

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